Bits + pieces 
a sample portfolio

Flowers in Pocket

Website copy -
Her + Earth

Website copy for an ethical marketplace passionate about women's rights.

Product description - Idaho Jones

Product description for the brand-new Idaho Jones Spectra base connector (femtech).

Website copy - CarriMe

Website copy for a female-led consultancy brand empowering women to thrive in health, wealth, and business.

Blog post-

Blog post for Alitdo showcasing a quirky new property in the heart of London.

Women's health blog - CarriMe

Blog posts covering HRT, New Zealand's bereavement bill, femtech products, and business funding for women.

Brand standards - OakNorth

A sample of internal branding standards describing the OakNorth difference. 

About us -
doughnut brand

My proposal of a rewrite of the 'about us' section for a popular doughnut brand.