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Goes by: Harrie

Clients: startups, small businesses, independents, minority-owned brands, female entrepreneurs, the extraordinary. 

Loves: established or aspiring challenger brands, those not afraid to go a little (or a lot) rogue and ruffle some feathers. 

Works in: femtech, women's health, innovation, food/drink. Dabbles in sustainability + renewables.

How I got here:

  • Biomedical science at Imperial College London, specialising in reproductive science. Women's health is fascinating. 

  • Digital Marketing Manager at Press London, getting knee-deep in the life of a startup.

  • Three years working in innovation as a trainee patent attorney (cue fine-tuned grammar!).

  • Getting slightly itchy feet and becoming increasingly fed up with the everlasting search for case law. Looking for lots more creativity.

  • Freelance copywriter for femtech companies, IVF clinics, businesses pushing women's health/education/equality, and female founders.

  • Working again in innovation helping SMEs secure six-figure grants for market-disrupting products and services. 

  • Copywriting naturally spills over into branding via the bridge that is brand guidelines.

  • Dabbling in brand development and strategy.

Final result: women's health/femtech/innovation copywriter, mixed in with a little branding, who loves the startup scene and also happens to be a woman. Win. 

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