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Artisan doughnut company website copy

Website copy

A proposed rewrite of the 'about us' page for a popular doughnut brand. 

Doughnuts, done better.
At [redacted], we’ve created something special. Ordinary doesn’t cut the custard anymore.
How? We took traditional yeast-raised sourdough destined for the bread tin and gave it a new purpose. Breaking conformity and throwing caution to the wind, we invented the world’s first hybrid sourdough doughnut.
We didn’t stop there. It took us three years to perfect a plant-based version of our knee-trembling dough. Now, with an entire range of award-winning vegan doughnuts, it’s cinnamon scrolls all round!
Cutting dough, not corners. We’re a scratch bakery. All [redacted] dough is rolled by hand, and just like our jams, compotes, glazes, and toppings, is prepared in-house by our amazing bakers each and every morning. Everything we make is sold the same day. No soggy nuts here.
If you fancy a real belly-tingling experience, grab one of our coffees to go. Without sounding like a jack of all trades, they’re pretty fantastic too.

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