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[redacted] brand guidelines


Samples taken from a rewrite of [redacted]'s brand guidelines. Written in the signature [redacted] tone of voice to help employees step into the brand's shoes. 

Purple to the people. 

Core palette
We went big, we went bold, we went purple. In a market saturated with leafy greens, our gorgeous Grape really sets up apart from the rest. It’s rich, juicy, bursting with energy and balances perfectly with classic White. These two colours make up our Core palette. 

From our online shop to our Christmas door drop, delivery vans to chickpea cans, we splash a little Grape everywhere (can you blame us?). The incredible team at Jones Knowles Ritchie helped us shape this glorious shade.

What makes Grape pick of the bunch is its incredible contrast rating when used with White; a whopping 11.97 (that’s AAA standard, making it highly legible in all font weights and sizes).  


Simply put, [redacted] is a hoot.

We’re intelligent, kind, helpful and witty, the kind of person who shares their McVitie’s. Our layers are joy, folded in with function, with a dash of decorum, whipped up to perfection. Top it all off with some cheek and style, we’re the best friend on every speed dial. Serving suggestion: best taken with a good swig of fun. 

(... Are we a trifle?)

Get into our groove

You’ll usually find us with a pair of fresh kicks on our feet, a comfy T on top, coffee in hand and a smile on our face. We love a good kitchen dance and a sing-along in the car, bopping about to Beyonce, chilling out with a little Coldplay, or taking it back with the Beetles. We’re always looking to improve, and frequently think bout how we can bring our best self. 

Our house is colourful and full of life; plants, pets, and loads of people. There’s hustle and bustle; we’re constantly creating, developing and discovering new things. There’s always something delicious in the oven, filling the house with warm, inviting smells. 

On the weekends, we’re off for some fresh air, a walk or a jog with the dog before stopping by the little cafe on the corner to grab a freshly-baked croissant. Of course, we’re a sucker for a big Sunday roast or a Saturday night in with a group of friends (preferably, both!). 

Most of the time, we speak in a light, positive tone. However, there are times when we need to reign that in or pump it up. It’s important that we’re in tune with the situation at hand and send the appropriate message. When we write as [redacted], think of our character, bring out our personality and capture it down on paper each and every time. Just like a good custard, consistency is key. 


Be useful
Every time we write, we should write with purpose. Each communication must provide something for the reader; whether that’s a burst of humour, some functional information, or a little help and advice, make sure we’re adding value. 

Don’t beat around the red bush
Keep it short and sweet. We add joy, not junk. We’re not here to complicate things or confuse customers. Find the main message and say it with style. 

Keep it simple
Choosing everyday words increases accessibility, ensures inclusivity and helps our audience relate. The only thing we like plain is our English. 

Trim the fat 
Short sentences are key for a crisp, clean message. Sprinkle this with a little love, and you’re good to go. [redacted] doesn’t waffle (waffles, however … ).  

Mix it up
We keep a lot of things in stock, but sentences aren’t one of them. Hearing [redacted] organic apples may still be on the tree when you add them to your trolley is much more exciting than simply hearing they’re fresh.


Use your imagination to keep things wild. 


Instead of this:
If you’ve ever ordered a tube of toothpaste and received sundried tomato paste instead, then hear this: last year, almost 100% of [redacted] orders were delivered without a single substituted product. Some customers even received a free, surprise gift with their shopping!


Try this:
Last year, we delivered 98.3% of our orders without a single substitution. So, the only surprise you’re likely to find in your delivery is a free gift from us.

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