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Idaho Jones advert


Script of a podcast sponsorship advert for Idaho Jones, an online breast pump accessory store (US audience).

Today’s episode is brought to you by Idaho Jones, home of empowered pumping. Idaho Jones has made it their mission to make your pumping journey easier through their patent-pending breast pump bags and cleverly designed pumping accessories.

We all know the feeling of having one million things to do, and finding the time to sit down and pump can feel challenging. Idaho Jones has created a range of stylish products that make pumping on the move easy. They ensure pumping fits around your day, not the other way around.  

The Airedale Backpack and Rylett Case are perfect for carrying wearable pumps such as Elvie, Willow or Momcozy. They’re the only bags on the market specifically designed for high-tech wearable pumps.

If those wearable brands aren’t right for you, the Idaho Jones Pump-A-Collect Collection Cups slip right into your bra and turn any pump into a wearable one (without the price tag!).

And for the moms with a Spectra S1, simply pop your pump in an Idaho Jones Pump-A-Porter Belt Bag, clip it around your waist, and the S1 becomes portable.

With free shipping and a 12-month warranty on all products, you can relax knowing Idaho Jones accessories are made to last.

Moms are saying these products are “amazing in every single way!” Shop the complete range of accessories at Idaho hyphen Jones dot com and enter BADASS at checkout for 15% off everything.

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