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A brief rundown of how Off Grid Energy units can be used. 

Leaders, innovators, move makers.

The UK’s #1 energy storage provider specialising in grid support units and temporary power solutions.

Now, more than ever, businesses and governments are seeking ways to support economic growth whilst simultaneously meeting environmental guidelines.

Off Grid can help. We’re generating better.

A gridtogo(TM) unit can function as a standalone power supply or part of a hybrid power system.

Standalone - our units can be used as the sole power supply for events, construction tools, music equipment, EV charging, and more. When used as the main power supply, our self-contained, remotely operated units provide portable, silent, 100% emission-free power whenever and wherever you need it. 

Hybrid power system - what is hybrid power?

Hybrid power is the collective name for the system created by a combination of different power supplies. To create these hybrid power systems, our state-of-the-art energy storage units can be linked up to the mains power supply, diesel generators, or renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. 

When integrated with a generator, our units ensure the generator works at its greatest operational efficiency, charging the integrated batteries whilst also supplying power to the load. The intuitive control system switches the generator on and off, allowing the batteries to run the show for as long as possible. The generator is only turned back on when demand is exceptionally high, battery charge gets low, or timer settings instruct so. 

When integrated with a renewable energy source, like solar or wind, our smart batteries continuously store any excess power generated but not used. Whenever you need it next, clean, green energy is ready and waiting (regardless of the weather). Alternatively, this excess energy can be sold back to the grid to maximize your returns.

Increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and eliminate noise and air pollution.

Environment, budget, and schedule friendly.

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