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for a new femtech start-up


Pantone & Intimina collaborate to create the coolest new shade in conversation 🩸 bloody great idea 🤟🏼 #womxnshealth


💪🏼 UK Government, if there’s one thing you’ve nailed lately it’s extending the storage time for frozen eggs, sperm & embryos from 10 -> 12 years for those affected by the halt in services due to COVID-19 🙏🏼 #letsmakebabies #womxnshealth


How are we supposed to trust what we’re told, when what we’re told wasn’t made with us in mind? #womxnshealth


And yes, it’s hump day! So, here’s to a few of our favourite brands working in the sexual wellness space 👇🏼 @weareferly @elvie @hanxofficial @letsemjoy #womxnshealth


The eat, sleep, rave, repeat of start-ups in 2020! #womxnshealth


Are you pro-tamp or anti-tamp? Do you choose just one style of menstrual product, or should we mix it up depending on the day or cycle? We’re up for a bit of period pick & mix #womxnshealth