20th anniversary poem

The story of a sprightly young unit

One dark February in Rugby town, ten years ago to the day,

a group of sparks sat hard at work, making something still in use today.

They pushed the boundaries of energy science,

Whilst always ensuring, regulatory compliance.

Day and night, they wracked their brains, developing prototypes,

Until one day, it was produced, the finest energy storage unit in sight.


Only ten units the production line allowed,

They were unique, precious and rare,

But there was one, who stood out from the crowd,

5009 was beautifully square.


As the first job, of plenty (a lot!), our friends over at Kier booked her in,

Amazed by her functions and wowed by her stats, she was praised, for her first big win.

Next it was off, down to London town, to help clean Canary Wharf’s air,

The smoke and smog must be tackled, we’ll send young 5009 there.


Saving lives and brightening skies, into the next big job she was hurled,

Here she met, a fellow woman, one of the motoring world.

As her first, electric vehicle debut (still brand new and showy)

She powered the cars for Renault’s launch, of the brand-new flashy Zoe!


December 2012 saw a big contract win, gaining Balfour Betty’s bet.

Good old 5009 made a stunning impression, and a partner for life was set.


‘Twas not just the air, 5009 helped, she pitched in for National Oceanographic.

Of all the products, which could have been sent, it was 5009 who was picked.

On the cliff edge, she powered Pentland Firth, standing for over a year,

Resisting the rain, wind and sea, she did it for the good of her career.


Some days she sang, and some days she danced, supplying Rugby music festival.

Bopping along to the top ten hits, pumping out not one chemical.

Rugby in birth town and rugby at heart, she supported some ball throwers too,

The promotional campaign for the 2015 world cup, was handed to you-know-who.


From hundreds of fans to hills and land, the National trust loved her so,

Orford Ness, a place of beauty and delight, needed silent, clean power on the go.


Hand-delivered by our two co-directors, she then ended up at an incubator,

At ISG Warrington for the business hub build, their low carbon targets were easily fulfilled.


Then flirting with yet, another EV, it was straight down to the Volvo crew,

With their XC90 twin-engine launch, only the finest, hybrid power would do.

Silverstone won her over, a true motorhead at heart,

So she decided “one day I must, include a premium engine part”.


Pursuing her dreams of the racing world, 5009 was set in flight,

to the great Catesby Tunnel, her skills were required, by the world’s greatest vehicle testing site.

With hundreds of people miles under the ground, clean air was paramount,

Little 5009, stood her ground, staying longer than we can count!


In all her ten years, this girl saw a lot, transported to and fro.

She knew too well, it all must end,

But ouch, it would come as a blow.


Little 5009 was called back to base, for one last final whir.

“Dear old 5009, how well you have served us”, Danny said to her.

“Still the same battery, as day number one, not one replacement cell,

Your inverters too, they’re not new, my gosh weren’t you made well.

The trailers sitting under you, they broke and fell,

Throughout the decade that’s passed away,

But you’re still here (a couple dents in your shell),

The same as that very first day.

With your high-quality build,

It makes us thrilled,

That you’re made of the very best.

Pouring love and care into every unit, they’re really not like the rest.”


As 5009 sank into her base, saddened by her end,

Danny pitched in, quietly, “hang on in there, my good friend”.


Out he brought, a new battery, with a Jaguar on the side!

“Our joy and pride,” he said to her,

“10 years gone and you’re still alive,

So we’ve remanufactured, you an EV battery,

Today’s not your last, day working with me.


It’s seen out its time, on the supercar scene,

But with a little, technical editing,

It’s repurposed nicely, and will work very well,

In an energy storage unit, who is powered by gel. 


So, my dear here’s to you, and a brand-new lease of life,

I have no doubt, you’ll stay alight, for another ten years yet!”.