Brand standards written for OakNorth (a sample)

The OakNorth difference

Our niche. We’re credit experts. We took one problematic area of commercial banking (credit and risk) and spent millions of dollars becoming the world’s #1 solution provider. The creation of over 550 specialists and loaded with rich data sets, AI, and ML, we’ve developed the only credit and risk analysis software that comprehensively addresses and resolves every problem associated with ‘standard’ analysis processes.
We built this city. Our platform was built from the bottom up, from scratch (it’s homemade!). Why does that matter?

1) Just like every fingerprint, our software is unique. Hand curated, there’s nothing else in the world like it.  
2) It does exactly what we want, to provide our customers with exactly what they want. Unlike other financial software firms, we didn’t build upon a pre-made platform. This means we haven’t had to make compromises, workarounds or solutions that don’t quite fit the problem.
3) Friends, not foes. We built our platform to complement existing bank management software. Our platform integrates seamlessly into current operating systems. Just like the coolest new kid on the block, we’ll fit right in.

Results. Our platform identifies invaluable investment opportunities missed or denied by old technologies; provides real-time, forward-looking loan monitoring to replace retrospective, yearly reviews; pre-empts financial hardships so clients can take pre-emptive action; and alerts analysts to any potential covenant breaches and those borrowers likely to default. Lower risk loans with higher return; it’s not magic, it’s science.

We have the single most valuable asset. Proof.
Customer zero OakNorth Bank, the first bank to deploy our software is live and thriving, funding thousands of middle-market SMEs across Britain and contributing millions of pounds to the UK economy. Unchallengeable, undeniable results. Just take a look at the stats (our hits don’t lie).